Dana Point Recovery

Amber Lantern House

Recovery from addiction is difficult.  Providing a clean, comfortable, safe environment which promotes individual recovery is our focus.  Sober living studies have validated the contribution Sober living can provide to successful recovery.  The reasonable cost of sober living provides accountability, structure, support and knowledgeable, experienced guidance while our clients reacclimatize to a sober lifestyle.

Most clients have completed residential or outpatient formal recovery programs (including detoxification, counseling, therapy, etc.).  This treatment provides the foundation for long term recovery.  Experience has shown that the best chance for recovery comes with the active engagement in a 12 step recovery program.  Those programs take time.  Often, if an individual in recovery re-assimilates to their pre-recovery life, they are drawn back into addiction.  Sober living provides the structured life, surrounded by recovery and accountability to foster the necessary lifestyle changes for long term recovery success.

Peter Inman recently founded Dana Point Recovery and Amber Lantern House for men.  Peter has a Bachelors degree in business from Michigan State University.  Peter has been active in addiction treatment in South Orange County, California for 7 years working for an acclaimed substance abuse treatment facility.  He has long recognized the benefit of well run, structured sober living as a key to many recoveries.